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I adopted a kitten!


I neglected my blog. I’m sorry, blog.

We’re moving to a bigger apartment soon and that is good news. I’ve been cooking up a small storm in the old place though, so here’s a little “taste” of that. Ha ha ha!

chicken wings

spaghetti & meatballs!




I went to Paris. Now I’m back. I should have had pictures from Las Vegas but I don’t. Here’s some pictures from Paris:  

I’m such an artist that I can’t write an artist’s statement. Maybe I should just write that in on my application… “I’m so deep in my art that I can’t write about it, it’s beyond words [man].” I got a start, at least. It’s due in 10 days. Eep!
My birthday cameras arrived. I haven’t used the Diana yet, but here are a couple shots with the Fed 3. It’s a fantastic piece of machinery.

I purchased a large bag of frozen Quorn “Chik’n Tenders” and have since used it in two stir fries. From those meals I have concluded that it performs well as a chicken substitute and had a much more convincing texture than the aforementioned Smart Chick’n Strips. Both products are equal however in their disdain for the letter “e.” Here’s a picture of New Jersey:New Jersey

I was going to post a picture of my ugly stitched up finger (because I didn’t use a can opener), but this is better:copenhagen, denmark