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Anyone reading this who knows me personally also knows that I love meat. All of it except organs and veal. You folks may be slightly shocked to learn that I have recently gone vegetarian though I did not need Sir Paul McCartney to help me out. I just decided to do it and I have since not eaten any poultry, beef, or pork. Seafood, however, may stay on my menu as I tend to eat out a lot and have noticed that a lot of vegetarian dishes involve disgusting eggplant. Blech. So far I’ve only had oysters. Yum! Anyway, this affords me the opportunity to blog about vegetarian things, at least until my new cameras get here. These little things are fairly tasty, although rather sodium-y. They resemble chicken almost perfectly in terms of texture and I was pleasantly surprised by the seasoning except when I found out how much of it was salty salt.As for that whole Paul McCartney, thing, I thought their free PDF file about eating vegetarian was very helpful. For once PETA wasn’t trying to make me vomit or cry with images of suffering, bloody animals (although there were a few, they also included images of happy animals living the vegetarian life). Vegetarian celebrities include Kristen Bell AKA Veronica Mars, Toby McGuire, and Alec Baldwin (but I don’t believe this) and they all think that animals are way too precious to eat. Maybe so, stars…In the final pages of the PDF file, they start plugging brands like the aforementioned Lightlife “Smart” products alongside Boca, Morningstar Farms (belongs to Kellogg), Yves, etc. and include their products in the following recipes. I can see the good and bad, but mostly the bad. Good: people who are actually convinced by this colorful PDF file might not know which brands to turn to instead of their favorite animal-killing brands. Bad: I was completely thrown off by the sudden page of advertising/product placement in the file (although maybe the celebrity endorsements should have warned me). It would be nice to know if PETA asked the brands for permission to put attractive images of their products on its website or if their companies had to donate first.




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