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I went to Paris. Now I’m back. I should have had pictures from Las Vegas but I don’t. Here’s some pictures from Paris:  


I submitted my application to the San Francisco Art Institute as a transfer student today! By applying before February 15th I am eligible for the merit scholarship, but I’d be just as happy getting in without it… Cross your fingers, cyberworld. The artist’s statement was a pain but in the end totally worth it.

Today I have an appointment to get my hair cut, something I have been meaning to do for months because my hair is gross and long.

Tomorrow I will be driving myself and my boyfriend to Las Vegas to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I won’t reveal the hotel we’re staying out lest I have stalkers, but rest assured it’s a good’un. I’ve already got my cameras packed (4 total: Nikon N55, Fed 3, Diana +, Nikon D40). I considered not bringing either Nikon but they both have light meters the Diana and Fed 3 sadly lack so they have some value. The N55 is also an automatic and thus more suited for capturing tumbleweeds should we encounter some in the desert. After Las Vegas we shall be venturing into Death Valley National Park to look at craters and ghost towns before going home via Yosemite National Park. I have a deep fondness for national parks, they’re so fabulous and beautiful. They’re also one of the few good things this country has going for it in terms of the natural world.

Notes on rental cars, gambling, and tumbleweeds will be available sometime next week… stay tuned.

I’m such an artist that I can’t write an artist’s statement. Maybe I should just write that in on my application… “I’m so deep in my art that I can’t write about it, it’s beyond words [man].” I got a start, at least. It’s due in 10 days. Eep!
My birthday cameras arrived. I haven’t used the Diana yet, but here are a couple shots with the Fed 3. It’s a fantastic piece of machinery.

You know why? Some fool on the floor below my apartment foolishly left something on the stove and then wandered off. Obviously it got way burned and way on fire and the whole building STINKS. I’m pretty sure this is the same man who is stealing our Sunday newspaper because on my way home tonight I saw him fleeing the scene (ie our building) like a guilty man and it was the same dude who I saw with our newspaper months ago.

Today was productive! I dropped off about 10 rolls of film at some place in San Francisco, but I won’t name drop unless they do a good job. I am going to name drop about some new tasty fake meat products, however! Quorn products are so far the best. I’ve tried their stir fry style “chick’n” and most recently their version of chicken nuggets. They didn’t really taste like chicken, but the seasoning and breading were quite tasty. There’s also no fear of undercooking the little guys because they’re not a dead animal! Fabulous. I picked up some seitan also, apparently, in stir fry style. I cooked it up with some vegetables and noodles and here’s my conclusion: SEITAN = WEIRD.

Yesterday I made my own dumplings. My boyfriend tried too but ended up just making a burrito out of his ground beef (he completed three, though, and managed to fry them to perfection). Mine had green cabbage, cilantro, green onion, and mushrooms sauteed with garlic. I added soy sauce and ginger to the mix, too. Boasting isn’t my thing, but they were effing tasty. I steamed most of them and basically failed at frying them. I’ll do better next time and I highly recommend you make your own dumplings chez vous because it’s very rewarding.

I bought myself some new toys to start the new year: dia_a.jpg fc3_a.jpg+ 140 rolls of film. WOO! Now I just need to find a conveniently located pro photo lab in the San Francisco bay area. 



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