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First thing’s first: I was accepted to SFAI! It is fabulous news, and I am very excited. This fall I will start working towards a BFA. Fabulous.

Secondly, we returned safely from our romantic getaway to Las Vegas. It was mostly romantic in spurts because Las Vegas is kind of sad that way… and we ate a terrible Valentine’s Day meal in Lone Pine, CA. It’s in a beautiful spot, though, nestled between two mountain ranges. As for the driving part… well, my dad was right. Californians aren’t great drivers, but they’re good at being in the left lane.

I haven’t finished scanning my pictures from the trip yet, but here’s what I ate a few days ago:

I submitted my application to the San Francisco Art Institute as a transfer student today! By applying before February 15th I am eligible for the merit scholarship, but I’d be just as happy getting in without it… Cross your fingers, cyberworld. The artist’s statement was a pain but in the end totally worth it.

Today I have an appointment to get my hair cut, something I have been meaning to do for months because my hair is gross and long.

Tomorrow I will be driving myself and my boyfriend to Las Vegas to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I won’t reveal the hotel we’re staying out lest I have stalkers, but rest assured it’s a good’un. I’ve already got my cameras packed (4 total: Nikon N55, Fed 3, Diana +, Nikon D40). I considered not bringing either Nikon but they both have light meters the Diana and Fed 3 sadly lack so they have some value. The N55 is also an automatic and thus more suited for capturing tumbleweeds should we encounter some in the desert. After Las Vegas we shall be venturing into Death Valley National Park to look at craters and ghost towns before going home via Yosemite National Park. I have a deep fondness for national parks, they’re so fabulous and beautiful. They’re also one of the few good things this country has going for it in terms of the natural world.

Notes on rental cars, gambling, and tumbleweeds will be available sometime next week… stay tuned.



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